Cyclops SAS We are a Colombian startup that comes with one of the most experienced team to develop innovative projects that aims to achieve digital transformation based on the 4.0th Industrial Revolution


Our Experience

Our team has exceptional technical, professional and interpersonal skills, that have been developed in a variety of industries and projects around the world.  This has increased our success factor with different client’s challenges 

Cyclops Digital Ecosystem

We integrate technologies of The Industry 4.0 and best industry practices to make a custom solution based on your business’s opportunities 


We are agile

We incorporate agile methodologies to co-create products and services in an iterative, flexible and scalable way, maximizing your business value 

Our Business Value


Nearshore/Offshore Model

We have an outstanding talent selection process that evaluates technical and professional skills with a highly proficient team of experts. This also includes:

  • Management Layer (Operative & Technical) 

  • Continuous Training Plan 

  • Career Path

Optimizing our employees' skills and motivating them to a continuous challenge


Our Customers Rely On Us

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